The Openbrolly Journey

Openbrolly was started 20 years ago, continually innovating and changing the lives of our clients. But how did Openbrolly come to fruition? 

We started in the year 2000, when Geoff Wilcock and David Sim left local government to set up Openbrolly. Whilst in local government they had twice received awards for innovation across the public and private sector. They had seen how the internet could transform business processes, and their goal was to spread the innovation as widely as possible. Lindsay Ebner then joined the duo and became mentor and chairman.

The earliest solution was to enable six councils to work together as one virtual film office. All had real time access to the latest information and all could contribute to the resource of the office. This was a great success and Openbrolly were asked to reproduce this solution to others. MovieSite was created, and made available to potential clients as a standard product. We had developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) years before the term was invented. To assist with MovieSite’s growth and development, Conrad Mackay joined the team and became a coding wizard. 

We’ve always had the capability to provide custom software if we feel it’s beneficial to our clients. In 2010, William Nyffeler joined us and we began work on remote care for patients with chronic diseases along with many other tasks. Openbrolly Health was created, allowing us to win 3 national awards for collaborative innovation.

Sam Hill took on the role as project manager in 2017, ensuring alignment with clients all the time to achieve best practise. With Sam’s guidance we took My Cancer Portal to the next level and developed our filming applications and permitting module for MovieSite. These projects helped us reflect the working environment of clients, whilst they deliver a quality service. 

Forward to 2020, Sam was promoted to operations director and the team grew further. We have brought in Claire Banks as our marketing and sales assistant, with consultation from Jocelyn Mandryck and a substantial rebranding project is under way (see our newsletter), we’ve extended our crew module, developed a Crewcall version and our website with Openbrolly community will be launching very soon. 

We won’t be stopping there, MovieSite users will soon see the backend revamped with more exciting features to follow.

We’re also excited to be delivering a new event permitting system, EventsMakr to our early bird clients. Helping them to maintain their obligations to keep their communities connected and safe, which is of great importance in a post-Covid world. EventsMakr, as always, will reflect the interconnections of how our clients work as organisations and how we provide solutions to their everyday problems. 

We at Openbrolly work with our clients to build their journey, creating digital solutions that enhance their visions, ideas and creativity. Our service provides stability, control and reassurance to enable you to go on your journey, under our umbrella.

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