Finally, an easy way to map your
locations and points of interest

TrailPoint makes mapping easy

TrailPoint is a brand new service from the makers of MovieSite.

Harness the power of Google Maps in a easy-to-manage, user-friendly way.

Now you can showcase all your business locations and points of Interest (POI) with one central platform.

Whether you have one location or hundreds, your business can benefit from TrailPoint.

Single locations can benefit from our national mapping database, TrailPoint UK; and larger businesses with several locations can have their own bespoke system integrated into their website, as well as being able to opt-in the national database.

Locations on TrailPoint UK will benefit from our UK-wide marketing programme, ensuring your business and POIs are seen.

TrailPoint takes away all the headaches of using a generic mapping service by bringing the management tools you need to create easy-to-follow maps for your customers.

Features and benefits

  • Integrates with Google Maps and fully mobile responsive
  • Single platform for adding business locations and points of interest
  • One payment covers all your licencing fees with third-party mapping providers
  • Security built-in
  • Fully-managed solution, so you don’t have to deal with conflicts
  • Integrates with Google NAP schema
  • Flexible content management
  • Marketing programme for TrailPoint UK

TrailPoint UK

TrailPoint UK is a national databse of POIs that will not only provide a useful service, it also demonstrates the versatility of the bespoke TrailPoint service for business users. We’ve populated it with details of UK locations, such as pubs, nightclubs, zoos, coastal routes, campsites, bike trails, and much, much more. This service is provided free of charge to users, visit TrailPoint.UK to find out more.

Solid security

We are focused on providing continual professional development internally to ensure our team and systems are achieving the highest quality standards possible.

Quality is assured by working with industry groups to establish best practices and reporting arrangements. Whilst, continuous development allows us to respond to environmental and civil changes including Covid, diversity, and, inclusion.

We use multiple levels of data security & regularly carry out penetration testing. We’re proud to comply with GDPR law.

Our reporting and data visibility allows for audit trails to enable accountability and our management of your data allows you to meet EU And UK GDPR requirements and makes use of the Amazon AWS cloud to deliver services to the highest standard.

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