Nearly three billion people
will shop online in 2024

Power up your business with a fully-responsive website

All Openbrolly products are delivered through website interfaces. It makes sound business sense for us to build your website.

Our team consists of developers, designers and support professionals that know the web inside-out. We’ll help you evey step of the way from creating the right website, to maintaining it.

Features and benefits

  • Years of expertise designing websites and back office apps
  • We’ve already built dozens of websites for businesses all over the UK
  • Security built-in with GDPR compliance, data protection, SSL and cookie consent.
  • Websites for businesses, charities, local authortities
  • Full reporting on SEO, traffic and other analytics
  • Off-the-shelf template, or custom design
  • Streamlined and efficient project delivery with audit trail of documentation and communication

Web applications

Not all websites are for public consumption. Some of the most useful projects we have built are for internal business streamlining. If you handle data of any type, an interactive web application can help you manage your workflow.

Input your data behind a login and our system will link it all togegather providing useful results for your staff.

Web applications can be used by all businesses and business processes, from estate agents to healthcare providers, from document managent to service delivery.

If your audit trail of data needs streamlining, then speak to Openbrolly.

We’re here to help

  • Collaboration is a central concept in our work
  • To deliver a great service we work collaboratively with all our clients
  • We bring industries together
  • Gain access to our unique community
  • Benefit from peer support and industry chat

Solid security

We are focused on providing continual professional development internally to ensure our team and systems are achieving the highest quality standards possible.

Quality is assured by working with industry groups to establish best practices and reporting arrangements. Whilst, continuous development allows us to respond to environmental and civil changes including Covid, diversity, and, inclusion.

We use multiple levels of data security & regularly carry out penetration testing. We’re proud to comply with GDPR law.

Our reporting and data visibility allows for audit trails to enable accountability and our management of your data allows you to meet EU And UK GDPR requirements and makes use of the Amazon AWS cloud to deliver services to the highest standard.