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Screen Manchester

Film office website: Screen Manchester Lastly, uncover the story of Screen Manchester, who transformed their permit application process with Openbrolly‘s intuitive platform. Tasked with managing complex permit workflows and ensuring compliance, Screen Manchester turned to Openbrolly for a solution. With our platform, they streamlined their processes, reduced approval times, and enhanced collaboration among stakeholders.

Bath Film Office

Film office website: Bath Film Office Next, delve into the success story of Bath Film Office, who revolutionized their efforts with Openbrolly’s solutions. Faced with limited resources and outdated systems, sought a solution to streamline their processes and expand their reach. With Openbrolly’s innovative tools, they successfully raised awareness and achieved goals.

Film Calderdale

Film office website: Film Calderdale Join us as we explore the success journey of Film Calderdale, who leveraged Openbrolly’s technology to scale rapidly and disrupt their industry. Facing fierce challenges, Film Calderdale found Openbrolly‘s solution that propelled their growth and innovation. By partnering with Openbrolly, they gained access to cutting-edge tools and support, enabling them to achieve unprecedented success in … Read more

North Somerset Film Office

Film office website: North Somerset Film Office Discover how North Somerset Film Office transformed their business operations with Openbrolly’s tailored solutions. Facing challenges in efficiency and scalability, North Somerset Film Office turned to Openbrolly for a comprehensive digital transformation. By implementing our cutting-edge software, they achieved significant improvements in productivity and cost savings.

Podcast – Ian & Sarah, Silverstein Locations

Ian built his dream home at St Alban’s and rented it out as a film location, totaling 30 shoots in the first year. This became the catalyst for Silverstein Locations. In this episode, Ian and Sarah talk about the importance of relationships, creating a brokerage as a USP, and how he had to call 40 … Read more

Podcast – Mark Foris

Mark is a producer at Espire Film Production in Kingston-upon-Thames. In this interview, we hear Mark explain why he’d rather set fire to himself than appear in front of a camera, how collaboration is key to everything he does, and he recalls the time he found himself heading for the train in his pyjamas!

Openbrolly ‘comes home’ with Screen Moray link-up

Filmmakers looking for the perfect setting will soon have hundreds of Moray locations at their fingertips, thanks to a new service to make the region ‘film-friendly’, thanks to a partnership between openbrolly and a new film location and facilities agency, Screen Moray. The new service has been set up to advertise the vast and varied … Read more

So, you want to become a camera operator?

Have you thought about becoming a camera operator? Look no further! This how-to guide explains the many ways you can break into the industry, perhaps landing you that new job you’ve always wanted, or something you can enjoy in your free time!  One of the most vital parts of becoming a camera operator is gaining … Read more