The Openbrolly journey

The Big Bang


Openbrolly is founded and MovieSite Locations is launched. Locations is the first module of what is to become the leading in-the-cloud CRM for film offices.

The dawn of time


Introduction of MovieSite Crew and MovieMaps. These additional module extends the capabilities of the software, meeting the needs and demands from film offices.

The Paleozoic Era


Launch of OB Health and collaboration on projects like My Cancer Portal with the NHS. These projects put Openbrolly on an upward trend for the provision of support for critical services.

The Mesozoic Era


MovieSite and OB Health experience significant growth, fostering a stronger community within Openbrolly.

The Cenozoic Era


Recognition through awards in life sciences and technology for health, establishing Openbrolly as a leading SaaS provider in filming and healthcare.



Introduction of MovieSite Permits and EventsMakr, enhancing client collaboration and project management capabilities. The permits module starts to revoltionise time and motion, but bundling many manual tasks into one cohesive operation.

The Big Change


Geoff Wilcock, a key figure in Openbrolly, passes away. However, the team remains resilient, carrying forward his legacy. Launch of MS2, TrailPoint, and updated MovieMaps, showcasing continuous development of skills and technologies.