Can your filming area benefit from greener productions?

We all know that becoming a greener society will impact our world in many ways, such as; cleaner air to breathe, or more land for parks and green areas to generate more oxygen. Many companies – including Openbrolly! – are paperless, dedicated to green sustainability, and eco-friendly programmes – helping towards the creation of a greener society. 

So, where is all of the waste coming from?

The TV and film industry has a dark side when it comes to natural resources and waste. Many props and sets are discarded and sent to our already overflowing landfills – for example, single-use dishware and plastic items, plastic props being discarded after just one use! And many other factors that play into this terrifying factor. 

It’s the producer’s responsibility to be aware of any environmental impacts of their film sets and ensure comprehensive recycling programmes are in place. A zero-waste set should be striving for a 90% greener production the whole way throughout filming!

According to eco-sets (an LA-based production waste company), more than 50% of sets are sent to landfill, which over time equates to a large number of full sets being left, and taking years upon years to decompose – if at all-. 

The TV and film industry in 2017 had a turnover towards a greener society, with a value equating to £14.8 billion, creating an invaluable contribution to the UK economy. A government report produced in June 2019 stated:

The government will continue to show leadership in tackling plastic

There will be continued commitment delivered to clean up the country and achieve substantial reductions in litter

New regulations will be implemented to tackle waste crime, stopping illegal waste activities and reducing illegal waste sites.

Production companies need to realise that by discarding their waste in a more efficient way,  they are significantly reducing their contribution to the staggeringly high amount of waste we produce each year. Investing in effective waste disposal methods enhance business reputations, plus it will provide larger pools of talent, with many professionals wanting to work for productions with environmental credentials.

How can production companies reduce their amount of waste?

There are many ways in which production companies can reduce their waste, and they are all easy to do! 


Educate your staff on how to recycle in a more efficient way. Use training sites such as Albert to train staff and educate them on how to correctly recycle and manage their waste. 


Create props that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Production companies could place focus on using products that contain less plastic, polystyrene or chemically-treated wood fibres to help climate change.

Learn how your company can strive to make the film industry greener here.