So…What is a Film Office all about?

A film office is a government or non-governmental organisation that promotes a particular area or region for use as a filming location for movies, TV shows, commercials, and other productions. They are typically funded by the local government and aim to generate economic benefits for their region through increased tourism, job creation, and revenue from film productions. 

Their primary role, however, is to attract and support production companies looking to film in their jurisdiction. 

Some of the other key responsibilities include:

1. Location scouting and management: A film office may maintain a database of potential filming locations in their area, and work with location managers to facilitate the use of these locations for productions. 

2. Permitting and regulation: A film office can issue permits and manage regulations related to filming in their area, such as noise ordinances and street closures.

3. Marketing and promotion: A film office may promote their area as a desirable location for filming through advertising, media outreach, and other marketing activities.

4. Industry development and support: A film office may provide resources and support for local production companies, crew members, and other industry professionals to help grow and develop the local film and television industry.

To find your local film office, you can start by searching online for film offices in your region or city. Many film offices have their own websites, where you can find information about their services, contact details, and location scouting resources. You can also contact your local government or city council to inquire about film offices in your area. 

A film office cannot only promote an area, but can also generate inward investment when successfully attracting film and television productions to their area, which can bring in significant economic benefits. 

Each of the key responsibilities listed above help a film office generate inward investment but in addition to this they can also assist productions with tax incentives, rebates and upskilling talent.

Overall, by attracting and supporting film and television productions, film offices can help generate significant economic benefits for their area, including job creation, increased tourism, and investment in local infrastructure and businesses.