has a new look!

Introducing the new

The heart of everything under our umbrella

Openbrolly first opened its doors 20 years, in that time the company and its products has never had a true rebranding.

Until now.

For the past few months the team have been working extremely hard to ensure our clients best interests are front and centre as always but in the background we have been transforming

Our new cleaner look and feel, new logos and a website that has everything under one roof has been built from the ground up and the whole team could not be more pleased with it.
We think you will be too.

In addition, to our new rebranding and website launch,

 we are even more excited to bring to you the Openbrolly community!

The Openbrolly community will be the heart of everything we do under our umbrella.

 We want to bring our clients and their industries together to support and network and we figured there’s no better way to do that under the circumstances than with our very own online community. 

In the community our clients will be able to keep up to date on system developments, Openbrolly and industry events, share their ideas and thoughts and contact us directly through our help centre.

We believe this initiative will benefit our clients tenfold and we can’t wait to see you all on there.

If you are already an Openbrolly client, you will soon receive an email with your login details and further instructions on how to benefit more from the community.

So watch this space. 

In the meantime, enjoy the new

“We are very excited to launch something so big and in such turbulent times, the pandemic has of course found many of us in situations we would rather not be in. As a result, we have created the Openbrolly community initiative and want our clients to know we are here for you.
We hope the Openbrolly community will allow you to not only discuss and share industry best practices but will also offer you peer to peer support, encouragement and guidance of any description.
At Openbrolly, we believe people come first, their well-being is important and we want you all to know that we are here to help.”

Sam Hill – Openbrolly’s Operations Director

Happy November and stay safe

Team OB