Netflix bolsters UK’s film and TV economy

Streaming channel Netflix has boosted the UK’s creative economy by £4.8 billion since 2020, according to a report in Screen Daily

The US-based company is currently spending £1.2 billion a year on productions based in the UK, and that figure is significantly higher than they anticipated.

In the article, Vice President of UK Content for Netflix Anna Mensah says: “It’s no secret that the UK produces some of the world’s most iconic entertainment. This is true for Netflix, too – from Top Boy to The Crown, Heartstopper to The Tinder Swindler – our productions are some of the buzziest, most watched and zeitgeist-defining in the world.”

“We are deeply committed to the UK, and I’m incredibly proud to announce today that between 2020 and 2023 we will in fact have invested almost $6bn (£4.8bn) creating Netflix series and films here, an increase of nearly 50% on what we originally anticipated.”

John McVay, CEO of PACT, describes it as a real sign of confidence in the UK’s screen industries. PACT is the UK’s leading trade association for film, TV, animation, children’s and digital production.

Even Rishi Sunak gets a word in, commenting that the UK film industry is the largest in Europe, and that our country’s talent is the best in the world.

That’s good news for us, as we continue to roll out improvements to MovieSite software that helps film offices and production companies promote their UK locations.

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