Making your CRM system work for you

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In a previous blog we provided an overview of a CRM system, highlighting what it is, how it works, its importance and its benefits. If you haven’t read it yet check it out here.

In this post we want to talk about different ways of making your CRM system work for you. As stated last time CRM systems are vital for any business as they allow you to create, store and manage vital business data and contact information (including; email addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles) of your customers or contacts. Many systems provide the ability for manual entries and automation in order to save you time, storing them as individual records and capturing interactions with the business to provide you with a complete 360° data set for you to get a better understanding and improve your relationships.

To make the most of your CRM system it is vital to know your business needs.

Lets explore this some more

To make the most of your CRM system you need to implement a CRM strategy that works for you. If you don’t already have a CRM strategy you will need to consider the following questions:

  1. Where does the CRM system fit in your business?
  2. What kind of tools does your CRM system need to have?
  3. Who will be using the CRM system? And which parts?
  4. What best practices should you have?
  5. How is your CRM system going to evolve over time?

As with any strategy, this will no doubt change and evolve over time. 

What can a CRM system be used for?

A CRM system can be used for more than just storing contact information, it can help you manage your business more effectively. Keeping data in one place to provide you with a complete online audit trail. This means saying goodbye to separate files, documents and paper. You will also be able to monitor touchpoints and contact interactions allowing you to be one step ahead.

You can use your CRM system to track contacts supporting enquiries, lead generation, sales and investment generation allowing you to provide targeted marketing, better communication channels and automated workflows on a personalised level.

How can Openbrolly’s CRM system help me?

Openbrolly’s CRM system allows you to create targeted segment lists and compose your personalised communications. These could include general conversations, marketing emails, links to surveys, polls and feedback and much more. Plus, because Openbrolly’s products are webapps they are mobile responsive meaning you can work on the go and whilst you’re at a conference networking you can store important contact details in the system quickly and easily, without the need for paper and business cards (it’s the sustainable way).

Finally, you can also use it to increase productivity and task management to help save you time. You can do this by setting internal reminders for yourself and your colleagues prioritising workload and those vital next steps. When implementing our CRM system within your organisation you may wish to encourage your team with rewards and / or knowledge. Over the years we’ve seen many organisations take on the knowledge approach when implementing a new system. We believe it is vital you take the time to inform and train a team on the benefits and reasons for implementation and as a result, we will provide training and packages to assist you in doing so. 

As mentioned in our previous posts, with the purchase of an Openbrolly product you will receive a contacts database AKA CRM system which can help you with all of the above and more. If you’d like to find out more about our products please visit our website here.

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