Local authorities explained

Openbrolly has 25 years experience of working with all types of public bodies. National agencies, regional agencies and local/provincial governments. Sometimes it’s not easy but we help clients provide a great service however they are. 

English counties explained Did we say it can be complicated 😁?

So what do local authorities do?

Local authorities all over the UK employ almost 2 million people, that’s 3% of the UK total population all of whom provide over 800 services to their local areas and communities. Local authorities and councils work with local partners and residents to determine and deliver on local priorities and provide a wide range of services.

Spending by local governments has fallen across the UK since the beginning of austerity in 2010. These cuts have meant that between 2009 and 2020 the planning departments within local authorities have had their budgets slashed by an average of 59%. Nevertheless, services in council departments have to be delivered. We are able to help where local community events and filming services are provided already or are wanted to grow the local economy. 

The local government act (2000) means that local authorities have responsibilities for economic, social and environmental well-being within their defined areas. They are responsible for vital local services in and around defined areas providing services such as social care, schooling, housing, planning, waste collection, business support and licensing. Although many of these services are free of charge due to them being run on a non-for-profit basis it is allowed to charge for some discretionary activities including arts and entertainment activities and many event organisers and production companies are willing and expectant to pay for these services. 

Although local authorities are not obliged to provide these services by law they do have to provide evidence of the positive impacts of their social value targets, including the promotion of employment, equality and diversity. Whilst, generating inward investment and boosting tourism to the area. These targets place a moral duty and pressure to provide these services with limited resources. 

Here at Openbrolly, we work with you and want you to know that we are here to help, we understand the structure and work with many national, county and district councils. We even offer a mirroring service and easy supportive functionality for external communication with stakeholders.

So, if you’re struggling to work with partners, manual processes, miscommunication, tight budgets and/or under-represented social values and targets feel free to contact us. Our consultation, services and products will help you match solutions to your pains, by increasing your efficiency, effectiveness and reducing risk.