Is remote working the cause of major burnout rises?

Is the new way of work and learning slowly draining the population? What can we do about it?

Article by freelance writer Kaitlyn Hogg

Photograph by Francisco Moreno
What is a burnout?

Stress can affect us in a  way commonly described as a burnout. This long-term stress is different from short-term and has an insidious and profound effect on how we  function. Even if we are functioning fairly well, we are not functioning as we used to.


During this stressful and unprecedented time, many UK citizens may come close to, or even face, a burnout. During the lockdown’s of Coronavirus, it is becoming much harder to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Even finding time for relaxation is almost unheard of, due to having to frequently check what is happening in the world around us. 

This year, over 75% of all workers across Britain have faced a remote working related burnout at least once during 2020, this figure is above the global average of 71% of people experiencing the lethargy. 

Why you may be experiencing a sudden burnout

Burnouts, most commonly associated with office’s and long working hours, affect the best of us. It is almost certain that people in this climate will be focusing on work more than usual, meeting deadlines is slowly becoming harder than usual. Our carers, key-workers, as well as many film companies and events organisers are all finding the extended work load difficult to manage. However, even if your workload hasn’t changed, you are still experiencing the pressures of a worldwide pandemic.

Self-care during lockdown

An aspect of managing your burnouts is restricting social media to no more than one hour per day. This may help you to set rules for yourself, such as only checking the news twice a day. Being mindful of who you are following can also have a positive impact. Maintaining things such as social interaction is also one of the main ways you can relax yourself to prevent a burnout. We all know that contact with family is an amazing thing, and while we cannot physically see them, Zoom calls are the perfect way to keep in contact. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to check in with yourself and see what’s really going on. Are you carrying a work load that is too heavy? Are you becoming tired quickly? Make sure to check for the signs of a burnout. If you are feeling as though you are about to experience a burnout, take a break, the only way you can stop it from occurring is relaxing your mind and body. Enjoy a book, watch some TV, talk to someone! It will guide you to a far more relaxed and burnout-proof lifestyle.

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