Going Forward in 2021

Well, that was some year to live through. Congratulations to all for working through it. We, at Openbrolly, have worked hard with clients, old and new, to help them deliver their services in 2020 in a very changed world.

Our world HAS changed and it will not go back to the way things were. We are already aware that client organisations and companies are looking harder at home working whilst improving their video call capacity. This will eventually lead to more virtual joint working between partners to solve problems and deliver services across ‘borders’. There will be new ways to engage with the film and TV industry and we will be on that  path with our clients. 

In terms of 2020 Openbrolly has continued to grow in MovieSite users as well as introducing our EventsMakr service aimed at local authorities.

To deal with more clients we have begun to streamline some of our services, such as the helpdesk with the Community support form. This doesn’t mean clients don’t get personal attention it just means we can gather all the information we need and get it to the right person more quickly. We will be contacting you throughout the year to see how things are going where you are.

Our film clients are always in an important position to promote one of the most successful industries of the past decade. This allows inward investment and development in areas that may, otherwise, miss out. It has always been about economic impact and always will.

Our event clients will be key in helping life get back to normal in our communities. We aim to support them with efficient operation when resources are tight. This will be an exciting journey in 2021.

We have brought in new staff to help us. It is likely there will be more in 2021.

We look forward to helping everyone get back to normal in 2021.

Good luck for the New Year.