EventsMakr: at the heart of events

The events industry has been hit extremely hard this year due to Covid-19 with over 126,000 jobs and an average of £2.4 million per event has been lost in the UK alone and although no one can promise they can turn it around, a new innovative system might just make the difference in supporting the industry, getting back on its feet in a more effective manner. EventsMakr has been created by a new collaborative group consisting of Openbrolly and partner councils, to inventively try and rebuild the events industry. 

EventsMakr, is available to all event offices across the globe, to help them overcome the damage caused throughout these difficult times. 

 EventsMakr has been designed to be an “accessible” “forward-facing system” that can help restore event management and planning to make the industry more dominant than ever before. The streamlined system will replace fillable PDF files, double entry and a very time consuming clunky process with a simple, easy to use, and “sleek” cloud-based system that informs all the events team at the right time, monitors and guides event planners in relation to medical provisions and provides a complete audit trail of event fees, attendance and much more, whilst being covid-19 and gdpr relevant and gaining the CREST security accreditation. 

“We believe that EventsMakr will help us and the industry return to some kind of normality and the efficient processing of event applications”. 

The demand for EventsMakr is already reaching new heights and the three development partner councils involved so far have complete trust with Openbrolly’s capabilities describing the team as “fantastic to work with” “Very Professional” and that they meet the challenge head on with a first class collaboration experience” and “understanding of our needs”. As a team they truly believe that  EventsMakr will be at the heart of events. 

Author: Kaitlyn Hogg

If you’d like more information on EventsMakr get in touch with Openbrolly here