Create compelling and personalised emails and marketing campaigns to build your relationships

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In our previous blog posts we provided an overview of a CRM system, highlighting what it is, how it works, its importance and its benefits. If you haven’t read it yet check it out here and how to make your CRM system work for you, which you can read here and the importance of a CRM system, which you can read here.

In this post we want to show you how to create compelling and personalised emails and marketing campaigns to build your relationships. We briefly touched on this in the importance of a CRM system post but now let go into some details. 

Remember, CRM systems are vital for any business as they allow you to create, store and manage vital business data and contact information (including; email addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles) of your customers or contacts. Many systems provide the ability for manual entries and automation in order to save you time, storing them as individual records and capturing interactions with the business to provide you with a complete 360° data set for you to get a better understanding and improve your relationships.

So, why create compelling and personalised emails and marketing campaigns?

This is easy to answer, with new communication channels everywhere nowadays and the massive amounts of social platforms out there emails have remained consistently strong for decades. Of course, there is the minor fact that we all receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis but that’s why you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowds.

Did you know?

Marketing emails tend to receive click through rates of up to 18% of which 5% are conversion rates. But personalised emails tend to exceed this with up to 55% open rates of which are 26% conversion rates. 

So, what are the benefits?

  • Personalised emails don’t create any operational costs
  • You can use your own tone of voice and convey the right message
  • You can set up 
  • It can save you time and money  
  • Initiate effective calls
  • Increase greater effectiveness and efficiency

How to create your compelling email in 5 simple steps

  1. Enter the email system after creating your targeted list. 
  2. Create a compelling subject line – remember this is the first impression of your email, so it has to grab the attention and interest of the reader. It is common to use actionable terminology. Actional terminology gives the email a sense of urgency.
  3. Use the HTML composer to build your email or just copy and paste your template. Ensure your email body is relevant to the subject line, this sounds obvious but many emails are sent with alignment or relevan.
  4. Attach any relevant documents 
  5. Hit send

Here’s a secret

Personalised content can be created using the data you hold in your CRM system and don’t tell anyone but in Openbrolly’s CRM system you can cheat. You can create an email as if you are sending in bulk but add special dynamic fields. These dynamic fields will automatically personalise your emails for you, saving you time and effort but still allowing you to reap the benefits.

5 top tips

  1. Write in the second person
  2. Talk about the benefits not the features
  3. Identify the pain points and match your solutions
  4. Don’t write long-winded essays – 3 paragraphs is enough
  5. Add in relevant links for more information

As mentioned in our previous posts, with purchase of an Openbrolly product you will receive a contacts database AKA CRM system which can help you with all of the above and more. If you’d like to find out more about our products please visit our website here.

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