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Podcast – Mark Foris

Mark is a producer at Espire Film Production in Kingston-upon-Thames. In this interview, we hear Mark explain why he’d rather set fire to himself than appear in front of a camera, how collaboration is key to everything he does, and he recalls the time he found himself heading for the train in his pyjamas!

Openbrolly ‘comes home’ with Screen Moray link-up

Filmmakers looking for the perfect setting will soon have hundreds of Moray locations at their fingertips, thanks to a new service to make the region ‘film-friendly’, thanks to a partnership between openbrolly and a new film location and facilities agency, Screen Moray. The new service has been set up to advertise the vast and varied … Read more

So, you want to become a camera operator?

Have you thought about becoming a camera operator? Look no further! This how-to guide explains the many ways you can break into the industry, perhaps landing you that new job you’ve always wanted, or something you can enjoy in your free time!  One of the most vital parts of becoming a camera operator is gaining … Read more

North of Scotland needs its own film studio

Openbrolly MD Samantha Hill

A film studio in the north of Scotland would boost the economy of the area and encourage organic growth of the area as a filming location as well as advertising the area as a tourism destination. Openbrolly MD Samantha Hill has spoken about the benefits such a facility could bring. “We”Our company has customers all … Read more

So…What is a Film Office all about?

A film office is a government or non-governmental organisation that promotes a particular area or region for use as a filming location for movies, TV shows, commercials, and other productions. They are typically funded by the local government and aim to generate economic benefits for their region through increased tourism, job creation, and revenue from … Read more

New clients, staff and software – there’s no stopping us.

We are proud to say that Openbrolly has experienced a fantastic year! In fact, we went from strength to strength, developing our products, services, client base, and team. 2022 saw an extremely productive year for us at Openbrolly, gaining a contract with FÍS ÉIREANN/SCREEN IRELAND for the provision of the full range of MovieSite services … Read more

Power your ecosystem with Openbrolly

A Business Ecosystem is a network of different entities that are dynamic and interact with each other to create and exchange sustainable value. Productivity, robustness, and the ability to develop niches and opportunities for organisations to establish key success factors for ecosystem models. So, what does an ecosystem do? Ecosystems help grow economic communities by … Read more

Can your filming area benefit from greener productions?

We all know that becoming a greener society will impact our world in many ways, such as; cleaner air to breathe, or more land for parks and green areas to generate more oxygen. Many companies – including Openbrolly! – are paperless, dedicated to green sustainability, and eco-friendly programmes – helping towards the creation of a … Read more