The Big Change

Change is inevitable, and it often brings uncertainty. However, it’s also an opportunity for growth and innovation. In light of recent developments at Openbrolly, we’re excited to announce “The Big Change”. This blog post aims to address the transitions our company is undergoing, highlighting the positive aspects and opportunities it brings for both our team … Read more

How to get work as an extra in film or TV

Have you ever wondered how to get a small part in a film or television programme as an extra? While it may not have the glitz and glamour of being a headliner celebrity, it’s a great way to get on a film set, and, gain experience/credits. You might want to do that to earn a … Read more

So…What is a Film Office all about?

A film office is a government or non-governmental organisation that promotes a particular area or region for use as a filming location for movies, TV shows, commercials, and other productions. They are typically funded by the local government and aim to generate economic benefits for their region through increased tourism, job creation, and revenue from … Read more

New clients, staff and software – there’s no stopping us.

We are proud to say that Openbrolly has experienced a fantastic year! In fact, we went from strength to strength, developing our products, services, client base, and team. 2022 saw an extremely productive year for us at Openbrolly, gaining a contract with FÍS ÉIREANN/SCREEN IRELAND for the provision of the full range of MovieSite services … Read more

Power your ecosystem with Openbrolly

A Business Ecosystem is a network of different entities that are dynamic and interact with each other to create and exchange sustainable value. Productivity, robustness, and the ability to develop niches and opportunities for organisations to establish key success factors for ecosystem models. So, what does an ecosystem do? Ecosystems help grow economic communities by … Read more

Can your filming area benefit from greener productions?

We all know that becoming a greener society will impact our world in many ways, such as; cleaner air to breathe, or more land for parks and green areas to generate more oxygen. Many companies – including Openbrolly! – are paperless, dedicated to green sustainability, and eco-friendly programmes – helping towards the creation of a … Read more

Digital transformation, do you need to do it?

We’ve mentioned before that local authorities deliver an estimated 80% of public services, of which they are rising to the challenges and transforming their delivery processes for their services. However, many are still using outdated systems of working including paper-based documents, cumbersome excel reports and ineffective reporting processes. With budget cuts and challenging targets, councils … Read more